A treat for dry skin: Biotherm Lait Corporel.

I love summer, but it usually happens that we reach maximum temperatures during this season which are so hot that they make you tired at the very first hours in the morning. It happens to me that sometimes I cannot sleep at night because of the dry, hot summer nights and my skin starts getting itchy and irritated, it starts getting dry.

I have noticed that I usually develop dry patches of skin on my shin area, and I get to see "crackles". They look terrible!!, and they're the biggest sign of a dry skin.

I started fighting against my dry skin not too long ago, and I definitely think the best solution is to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and make it smooth and radiant again. After a shower with mild to cool water, I apply a generous amount of my favorite body care milk, which is Biotherm's Lait Corporel!.

It is a very rich body milk which claims to be anti-dryness, and that is a top for me and my dry, patchy skin during the hottest days of the summer. I love that zesty scent, and the smooth, velvety feel that leaves on your skin...

I use it after showering in the mornings and at night, too. It is an awesome feeling of relief on a stressed, harmed skin. I love the fact that it is formulated without parabens, and the hydration lasts for the whole day. I think it is a wonderful aid after shaving your legs, and just in general, I can tell you, I've fallen in love with this body milk.

It contains 400ml for about 20€ each bottle!. Isn't that a steal?. You're really getting quantity and quality for an excellent price, and I already have gone further than half my second bottle, and got a travel-sized version of this product. What else can I say?, try it, and I can tell you that you're gonna love it!!

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