Dry, thirsty skin?. Biotherm Aquasource Nuit is your best ally during the hot summer nights!!

The past month of May, for my birthday, I was delighted to receive as a gift a wonderful gel cream that I had already tested thanks to a sample I was given by a lovely girl. The sample contained a wonderful, crystal blue gel formula that instantly made my skin feel comfortable and hydrated. Stated that it would last for more than 13 hours providing intense hydration during the night to my poor, thirsty skin, and boy did it work...

It used to happen to me that, even if I had a good skin hydration treatment during the night time, when I'd wake up the next morning, my skin would desperately be in need oh intense hydration, and without even having had breakfast, I would be already slathering ton after ton of hydrating creams on my skin.

The people at Biotherm know that skin loses water overnight, and that's the reason why they have formulated Aquasource Nuit. Wonderfully refreshing, and freshly scented with citrus, it DOES deliver the sufficient amount of hydration to my skin. I can feel it soft and comfortable, not tight or itchy at any point.

I am going to try and pop this baby inside the fridge for a couple hours before I go to sleep, because I am sure it will be twice the delight when I apply it.

The best part of this, I think, is that I don't feel the urge to moisturize my skin as soon as I wake up. The comfort feeling last for the whole day, and it has even made me forget about my daily skincare regime!! (bad, bad girl!!). The main cons?. Maybe that it makes the area around my nose a little bit oily, but that's about it... I highly recommend it to anyone who has dry skin and wants an efficient and fast solution to their skin problems!!. It comes in a very convenient tear-shaped bottle with a pump dispenser, which makes the application very fast and hygienic. Its price is around 40€ for 50ml, which I will carry with me for my summer holidays this year. Will I buy again?. For sure!!

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