A treat for dry skin: Biotherm Lait Corporel.

I love summer, but it usually happens that we reach maximum temperatures during this season which are so hot that they make you tired at the very first hours in the morning. It happens to me that sometimes I cannot sleep at night because of the dry, hot summer nights and my skin starts getting itchy and irritated, it starts getting dry.

I have noticed that I usually develop dry patches of skin on my shin area, and I get to see "crackles". They look terrible!!, and they're the biggest sign of a dry skin.

I started fighting against my dry skin not too long ago, and I definitely think the best solution is to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and make it smooth and radiant again. After a shower with mild to cool water, I apply a generous amount of my favorite body care milk, which is Biotherm's Lait Corporel!.

It is a very rich body milk which claims to be anti-dryness, and that is a top for me and my dry, patchy skin during the hottest days of the summer. I love that zesty scent, and the smooth, velvety feel that leaves on your skin...

I use it after showering in the mornings and at night, too. It is an awesome feeling of relief on a stressed, harmed skin. I love the fact that it is formulated without parabens, and the hydration lasts for the whole day. I think it is a wonderful aid after shaving your legs, and just in general, I can tell you, I've fallen in love with this body milk.

It contains 400ml for about 20€ each bottle!. Isn't that a steal?. You're really getting quantity and quality for an excellent price, and I already have gone further than half my second bottle, and got a travel-sized version of this product. What else can I say?, try it, and I can tell you that you're gonna love it!!

Makeup tutorial: Natural makeup for a casting.

I have been thinking for a while about posting some makeup tutorials, and even give them a try on video, but, quite frankly, I don't think I still have the guts... Anyways, this should be my first properly called "tutorial", and I thought it would be interesting to give a couple tips for a special makeup, in this case, for a casting call.

I sporadically work as a model, and I do get casting calls here and there, not quite as many as a full-time model would get, but they've given me lots of experience and I've enjoyed a lot of them. It is obvious that the people that you will find there will be judging you by the way you look, and in this case they will be judging my image, so getting properly ready for this kind of event, is a must.

They usually ask you not to wear too much makeup, so it is better to keep it to a minimum and show off a beautiful, radiant skin, and this is what I usually do.

Prepare a beautiful skin with a good moisturizer: I like to wash my face with cool water and a mild soap, so I usually do it with Clinique's Liquid Facial soap, which is a very soft formula, almost fragrance free, and works out a very silky lather which I really enjoy. Leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth. Afterwards I apply a good toner, and I am deeply in love with La Prairie's Advanced Marine Biology Tonic (for which I published a blog entry before this one, in Spanish). It works more as a serum, and really leaves my skin bright and hydrated, preparing it for a nice moisturizer. The one that I currently am using is by Tony Moly, which is a Korean brand, and it is called "Red Appletox". Contains apple and honey extracts, and it is quite the fun. You can apply it smoothly all over your face, or pat it on for a very elastic experience which relaxes the skin. This massage is great for improving microcirculation!. I must talk about this wonderful moisturizer soon, 'cause I feel like I am putting on fresh apples on my face. The scent is just delicious!!.

Isn't the packaging adorable?!                                                             

Beautiful, natural skin with a BB Cream: I love BB Creams!. They are the fastest, most effective way to use a wonderful coverage that perfects your skin with multiple other benefits such as anti-aging, whitening properties and also, SPF!!. I really recommend Skin79's Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream, which contains SPF25. There is a stronger version of this BB Cream, called the Hot Orange Super Plus BB Cream, which contains SPF50., which I find ideal for summer, and would love to try as soon as it arrives to my place. Apply your BB Cream on your face working it from the center and outwards, with the tips of your fingers. Some BB Creams are pretty dense formulas, so a pump is usually enough to cover your whole face. For this kind of castings, I don't like to wear a full coverage, be it with BB Cream or foundation, but I do like to conceal and make my skintone even, which is a must. If you find that you need some concealer for dark circles or blemishes, then apply lightly, and then, your BB Cream on top. I don't like to set it with powder as I find it to be way too much and could be cakey in some areas like around the nose, but you could neutralize shine by lightly applying translucent powder in a rolling motion with a beauty blender or with a powder puff.

I like to wear a natural, pink glow on my cheeks, which doesn't look way too "made up". Dior's Rosy Glow powder blush is just AMAZING for this. You can build it up as you want, and the powder reacts to your skin's pH to create the perfect shade of pink that suits you the most. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks, blending down and upwards towards your temples. If you would like a more glowy effect, pick a bronzer of your like with a hint of a shimmer. My favorite is Givenchy's Prismissime Mat and Glow in Sunny. You can swirl the applicator to mix the colors and textures, or just work with the ones you love the most!. I usually swirl the brush to apply the powder on my cheeks, and then work with the matte textures around my temples, jawline, hairline and under the cheekbones.

Givenchy's Prismissime Mat and Glow in Sunny.
(Summer Escapade collection for Summer 2008).

Natural eyes and lips: I just forget about dramatic lashes and focus on enhancing what is naturally mine. A defining mascara which doesn't give tons of volume is more than enough for me. I have my sample of Clinique's Long Pretty lashes almost dead, and it works magic for making my natural lashes re-appear. Quick, short movements while brushing your lashes with the wand is the key. What you want to do is to redefine, and it happens by applying a thin coat of black mascara, that's all you need. Eyeliner is optional, but keep it natural. Smudged and non-winged is a go. Helena Rubinstein's Silky Eyes in Velvet Taupe is a wonderful option for a creamy, blendable eye pencil that works as a very natural eyeliner.

Last but not least... LIPS!!. I really am in love with two products that really create the natural look on your lips, and those are Benefit's Benetint, a rose-tinted lip stain, very buildable and long lasting, topped up with a clear lip gloss, and Dior's Backstage Lip Polish. It is an ultra-glossy formula, available in three shades, a powdery pink (Fresh Expert), an orangey coral (Glow Expert) and a natural beige (Radiance Expert). The applicator tip rolls, for a very even application and an ultra glossy and long-lasting finish.

Have you ever had a casting call?. How was your makeup then?. What about your experience?. Share!!

Oxígeno urgente: Advanced Marine Biology Tonic de La Prairie.

¿Cómo se puede revitalizar, iluminar y oxigenar la piel de una sola vez?.

A veces, la piel se nos fatiga, se nos agota, y nos lo muestra con ése aspecto cansado y apagado que tenemos al final del día, después de una larga jornada de trabajo, de cansancio, a veces de comer mal y sobre todo de estrés.

A principios de año, a mi madre le regalaron unas muestritas de La Prairie, y que inmediatamente fisgoneé, toqueteé y probé, lógicamente, hasta hacerme dueña y señora de una de ellas: un pequeño frasquito que llevaba una solución líquida trifásica la mar de bonita a la vista, de colores azul, dorado y blanco.

Tras haberme lavado la cara y aplicado mi exfoliante y mi tónico, seguí las instrucciones que venían en la cajita de la muestra: no aplicar con algodón, aplicar con pequeños toquecitos con los dedos... ¡Pues vale!. Agité bien el frasco, mezclé las tres fases y puse una pequeña cantidad en la palma de mi mano, la apliqué uniformemente sobre mi piel y fui feliz...

...tan fresquita...

...la piel radiante de forma inmediata...

...un perfume tan agradable...

...y mi madre se cargó el frasco.


No sé ni cuánto tiempo estuve recordándole que se había cargado mi muestrita, pero en fin, a grandes males, grandes remedios... Pasó el tiempo, y al final obtuve mi frasco de 150ml de la Advanced Marine Biology Tonic de La Prairie.

(foto de rigor)

Me hace feliz, me encanta, me parece un gran producto, y sobre todo que funciona. Pertenece a una línea de tecnología marina que está pensada y creada específicamente para pieles jóvenes que deben empezar a cuidar los primeros signos de la edad como pequeñas arruguitas de expresión, y considero que da buenos resultados. Realmente no trabaja como un tónico, sino como un suero, debido a la manera en que se aplica, y es curioso; su formulación contiene alcohol (Alcohol Denat, para ser exactos) y aún así, cada vez que la aplico, incluso después de la exfoliación, no noto picor ni escozor, sino más bien al contrario: refresca y alivia las rojeces de la piel bastante rápido. La fase azul se encarga de revitalizar la piel y eliminar rojeces, la fase dorada contiene aceites esenciales, y la fase blanca, ingredientes oxigenantes. Resumiendo: noto la piel limpia y renovada.

La uso de día y de noche ya que ayuda a mantener la hidratación de la piel. Es todo un regalo después del trajín diario, y un alivio para las pieles secas. No sé cómo actuará en las pieles mixtas o grasas, pero sí puedo decir que por lo menos en mi piel con tendencia a la sequedad, funciona estupendamente. Me quedo sobre todo con lo luminosa que deja la piel y su aspecto "renovado". Después de una crema hidratante de mañana, ¡tienes un maravilloso lienzo en blanco sobre el que aplicar el maquillaje!.

La Advanced Marine Biology Tonic cuesta alrededor de los 70€ y se encuentra fácilmente en cualquier establecimiento distribuidor de La Prairie.

Dry, thirsty skin?. Biotherm Aquasource Nuit is your best ally during the hot summer nights!!

The past month of May, for my birthday, I was delighted to receive as a gift a wonderful gel cream that I had already tested thanks to a sample I was given by a lovely girl. The sample contained a wonderful, crystal blue gel formula that instantly made my skin feel comfortable and hydrated. Stated that it would last for more than 13 hours providing intense hydration during the night to my poor, thirsty skin, and boy did it work...

It used to happen to me that, even if I had a good skin hydration treatment during the night time, when I'd wake up the next morning, my skin would desperately be in need oh intense hydration, and without even having had breakfast, I would be already slathering ton after ton of hydrating creams on my skin.

The people at Biotherm know that skin loses water overnight, and that's the reason why they have formulated Aquasource Nuit. Wonderfully refreshing, and freshly scented with citrus, it DOES deliver the sufficient amount of hydration to my skin. I can feel it soft and comfortable, not tight or itchy at any point.

I am going to try and pop this baby inside the fridge for a couple hours before I go to sleep, because I am sure it will be twice the delight when I apply it.

The best part of this, I think, is that I don't feel the urge to moisturize my skin as soon as I wake up. The comfort feeling last for the whole day, and it has even made me forget about my daily skincare regime!! (bad, bad girl!!). The main cons?. Maybe that it makes the area around my nose a little bit oily, but that's about it... I highly recommend it to anyone who has dry skin and wants an efficient and fast solution to their skin problems!!. It comes in a very convenient tear-shaped bottle with a pump dispenser, which makes the application very fast and hygienic. Its price is around 40€ for 50ml, which I will carry with me for my summer holidays this year. Will I buy again?. For sure!!

Blog bilingüe!!

¡A partir de hoy, voy a escribir entradas tanto en inglés como en español para poder dirigirme a más público que no sea sólo el de habla hispana!. Creo que es una buena forma de experimentar con el blog, así que, ¿por qué no?. Wish me good luck!! ;)

Estamos en Verano!!. MAC Suntints SPF 20.

Me gustan, me encantan, son monos por fuera y por dentro, siempre salen a la venta con un packaging de lo más bonito y son uno de mis imprescindibles de verano.

El primer Suntint que adquirí, fue de la colección Surf Baby! de verano de 2011 en el tono Pink Tinge, un color sonrosado con un pequeño toque de melocotón y bastante reflejo dorado.

Según MAC, los Suntints están diseñados para proteger los labios del sol con un filtro de protección solar 20, lo que significa que tienes unos 200 minutos de cobertura segura. También los protege del salitre del agua de mar.  La fórmula es bastante densa y también bastante pegajosa. Si no te gusta que se te pegue el pelo a los labios cada vez que llevas un gloss o un bálsamo, los Suntints pueden serte un poco coñazo precisamente por eso, pero rompiendo una lanza a favor de la "pegajosidad", he notado que cada vez que he llevado uno puesto  en la playa, la densidad de la fórmula es precisamente lo que protege mis labios del salitre. La capa que aplico en mis labios suele ser lo suficientemente generosa como para que repela el agua, haciéndolos impermeables, y ya sea en la piscina, en mar abierto o en la ducha, u durabilidad es bastante alta.

Hay gente que los ha probado, y dicen que para ser un bálsamo labial no son muy hidratantes. La verdad es que yo no he tenido mucho problema con ellos con respecto al tema hidratación. Creo que me aportan todo lo que necesito para un toque personal en mi día playero: un poco de color, brillo, SPF y larga duración waterproof. Sinceramente, pienso que no tienen por qué empeorar la situación de aquellas que tengan los labios un poco más secos.

Este año, MAC nos ha vuelto a traer los Suntints con la colección Hey, Sailor!. Los tonos de los que dispone son Abalone, un rosa fucsia sin perlado ni brillo, sólo efecto gloss; Au Rosé, un tono rosa cálido muy bonito con bastante brillo dorado, y Sea Mist, un tono muy "nude" con perlado.

Como soy bastante fan de los Suntint, yo me he pillado tanto el Abalone como el Au Rosé, y los llevo conmigo en mi neceser de playa o cuando salgo de paseo y quiero mantener mis labios a buen recaudo :)

Estrenando blog!!

Hacía tiempo que no escribía en un blog. La última vez que lo hice fue tan sólo por dejar patente lo que pensaba sin necesidad de que una enorme masa de personas que quería y no quería que vieran mis vivencias se mantuvieran un poco al margen de ellas... Una manera un poco más íntima, más privada de escribir mis "Rominismos".

Hace tiempo que le vengo dando vueltas a la idea de crear un blog dedicado a mis aficiones, y creo que éste es el momento. Darle al botoncito de "crear blog" un poco de manera aleatoria, ha sido lo que me ha empujado a seguir adelante con esto y a arrancar de una vez, así que... ¡¡Manos a la obra!!.

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